Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shopwise Bakery

Sometimes you'll find something good in the strangest of places. Like what I found at Rustan's Supermarket Shangri-la & Gateway and also at Shopwise in Cubao.

What I'm writing about are their arrays of cakes & pastries, some of which I got to try , like their Opera Cake P22, Cake Rhum Balls P7 and Blueberry Muffin P15.50.

I first saw the Opera Cake at Rustan's Supermarket in Gateway. I bought one to try then proceeded to Trinoma, where I forgot it together with the rest of my purchases like the Gorgonzola Cheese from Mandarin Deli, at the Landmark Package Counter.

When I went back for it the next day it was still good, too good even. It was moist & chocolatey. This time though I just put it in the ref overnight. When I ate it the next day it was already dry. I guessed it does better stored at room temperature. So the rest of my opera cakes I just let sit at room temperature for a few minutes before eating.

The Opera cake is made of alternating layers of sponge cake, chocolate cake, butter cream and ganache, topped with whipped cream.

The Cake Rhum Balls are reminiscent of an ube halaya in texture and I know it may sound weird, but also in taste. It's soft and creamy. It is also not something that you'll want to leave long at a very hot and humid temperature. Actually it is best to store them in the chiller to firm.

It also looked cute, bigger than a munchkin, but not cake-like. It is soft and creamy and may actually melt not only in your mouth but also in your hand.

I bought a lot of these and am planning to buy some more.

Their Blueberry Muffin is soft & creamy even when stored in the freezer. There's also just enough blueberries in the muffin to go around.

Almost all of their cakes and pastries will last up to 5 days.

Happy Eating!

Araneta Center, Cubao

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♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

their coffee raisin roll is good :) i also like the ensayamada they sell in Rustan's! so good.. great buy at P56 i think for 6 pcs.

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