Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ajisen Ramen Azuki Mochi Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream with Japanese red beans and mochi.

Based on its description and photo on the menu, one would think that it was just an ice cream with mochi and red beans as toppings, but what was served on my table was vanilla ice cream sitting on a pool of finely-crushed ice with milk, topped generously with mochi and Japanese red beans.

It felt like eating an Anmitsu that am continuously digging, hoping to find other ingredients aside from mochi and red beans. Though everything in here was good, from the very creamy vanilla ice cream (it's really creamy), sweet, crunchy but soft and big Japanese red beans to the chewy mochis (I still prefer Maria's mochis 'coz it's with fillings) but it would be better if they just turn it into a full-blown Anmitsu instead.

Happy Eating!

3rd Level, Robinsons Place Ermita

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