Sunday, August 22, 2010


I was told that their best seller is their Dark Chocolate Almond. I love dark chocolate so I definitely ordered 100 grams, but I also wanted to try their Milk Chocolate Toffee Almond. Good thing though that they allow mixes of nuts of the same price. So I ordered a mixed of those two for P99.00/100 grams.

Back at home, I tried first the dark chocolate almond.

It has a very strong chocolate taste that went perfectly-well with the almond nut. But it definitely killed my taste buds for the milk toffee that I ate after. I can't taste the milk chocolate nor the toffee anymore. The dark chocolate left a strong almost coffee taste in my mouth. It was only the next day that I tasted the milk toffee on its own. The combination wasn't that good though. The problem was with the toffee. It wasn't the toffee that I wanted nor the one that I am used to. Their toffee was more or less like sugar crystals.


Happy Eating!

-Serendra, Taguig
-SM City North Edsa

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