Thursday, August 19, 2010

Starbucks Milk Chocolate Macadamia

Layers of chocolate cake, macadamia nut meringue and chocolate mousse coated with milk chocolate ganache and drizzled with caramel sauce for P110.00 a slice.

Since macadamia taste like a very fine hazelnut, the cake gave me a hazelnut vibe. At first I even thought that it was hazelnut in the cake and not macadamia. It was only after a couple of bites that I recognized the presence of macadamia. Because although it has the same taste as hazelnut, it was buttery thus glides smoothly in my mouth (the crushed nuts and not the meringue).

This cake was meant to be eaten leisurely or else you might be cloyed by its taste.

There were parts that I like ( macadamia nut meringue) and some that I don't . But overall I like the cake and would not mind ordering it again.

There's also a reason behind each layer. If not for the macadamia nut meringue, you might be cloyed by the richness of the chocolate mousse and the sweetness of the ganache and if not for the chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache, the macadamia nut meringue would be dry and the chocolate cake wouldn't be that enjoyable to eat.

Happy Eating!

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