Thursday, August 19, 2010

Naked Juice Bar Chicken Gone Wild Sandwich

Chicken pesto, grilled bell pepper, tomato, cucumber and pesto mayo dressing on whole wheat bread for P80.00

It was a very filling P80-sandwich.

And when you do feel overwhelmed by the pesto mayo ( like what happened to me), the slices of cucumber in the sandwich served as palate cleansers too.

Happy Eating!

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Ashfaq said...

pheeww.. it is 2am here and you making me hungry with the nice food pictures ! hehee.. lolz.. neways .. Ashfaqblog - The eagle's lodge is my blog, do check out on the mauritian foods :P just search on the navbar on top.. I am sure i will get my revenge then :P hehe
tc and all the best.. :) cheerz

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