Friday, October 24, 2008

Baker's Dozen II

From this week’s Baker’s Dozen, I discovered another offering from Mary Grace, their Black Velvet Cake.

Last week they introduced the Mango Bene (similar to Conti’s Mango Bravo in taste) and Almond Mousse (like a chocolate mousse).

The Black Velvet is their take on the popular Red Velvet Cake. Instead of using food coloring, they used dark chocolate in their cake, which I thought to be a better way.

Christina’s Kitchen also introduced this week their Vienna Torte P130.

A cross between a sponge cake and a butter cake, with milk and nuts or a creamier version of butter cake.

This was good. It tasted like it has white chocolate in it (but doesn’t), which made me like it more.

From Joyce’s, I discovered the Chewy Cashew Butterscotch Bar P13.

They reminded me of the cashew balls sold in supermarkets and specialty shops in taste. Since I like
the cashew balls, I definitely like this one too.

Happy Eating!

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