Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mr Jones Two Dogs in a Bed

2 wienerli franks, sauerkraut, sweet relish, fresh onions, wholegrain mustard, ketchup and jalapeno peppers, served with french fries, homemade coleslaw and a big pickle for P195.00

Come to think of it, if you want to order their fries (which are delicious)for P95.00 an order, why not have the Two Dogs in a Bed for P195 instead. It is more economical and more filling too.

But with that said, I still like Smokey's Chicago Dog more because of the toppings and the mayo-mustard combination but Mr Jones' wieners were far superior than the hot dogs of Smokey's.

My first time to have a wiener with sauerkraut and I can say that in time I will get used to it but not today.

Happy Eating!

Greenbelt 5, Makati

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