Saturday, March 6, 2010

SM Fruit Salad

Bite-size fruits with cream mixture, sago, gulaman, kaong and corn at P130/Kilo.

Since in any fruit/buco salad I mostly eat the sago, kaong, gulaman and a lot of the cream mixture, that was what I filled my container with. I only got a few pieces of the fruits.

When an SM staff saw the contents of my container, he said that I might be shortchanged. How come, I asked. He replied that what I chose were those that are heavier but cheaper.

I filled my container with a lot of the cream mixture, sago, gulaman and kaong while others filled theirs with a lot of fruits and just a little bit of the cream and with them paying a little less too while mine was P180+.

When I got home I thought about it some more. He (SM staff) was right. I could have made my own with less than a P100. Well, I'll just do that next time.

Happy Eating!

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