Monday, May 2, 2011

The Cake Club Ube Ensaymada

I was looking for something to bring home to my mother at Power Plant Mall, when I passed by The Cake Club on my way to Healthy Options.

Almost all of their small cakes/cake slices were sold out already, even their muffins, except one Banana Walnut. So I just bought that one Banana Walnut and two Ube Ensaymada.


I have already tried their Ube Ensaymada, I was just feeling nostalgic that day after reading the November issue of Yummy Magazine (their sweets issue). There was a mention of Diamond Hotel's Ube Ensaymada, that mention made me crave for it.

So it was good that I passed by The Cake Club and remembered it.


It was still good, with lots of cream, cheese and ube.


Happy Eating!

2nd Level, Power Plant Mall


[pinkc00kies] said...

omg, i want that!

Sweet Dreams said...

@pinkcookies, try it, it's really good :-)

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