Thursday, February 14, 2008

Astoria Plaza

I won a complimentary buffet for two at Astoria Plaza thru the Rampa Bazaar of Ruffa G.and siblings.
The buffet spread for that day, saturday, is mediterranean, they have a diffrent theme almost everyday.
For a paying guest, the buffet costs P600+. I can say that it is low for a hotel/condominium with five-star standards.
Every item on the spread is delicious, and the desserts, yummy!
I even asked the waiter if they have a patisserie for their cakes, unfortunately, they don't.
As a proof that I love the food, I went back 7 times, 3 for the salad and main dishes and 4 for the desserts. And that is without left-overs =)
The buffet even comes with bottomless iced tea.

BEAN SOUP - A hearty soup. Add tortilla chips for an extra crunch.

The salads/appetizers:

NACHOS WITH SALSA AND SOUR CREAM - Good tortilla chips, salsa and dressing.
MEXICAN SALAD - Great for vegetarians, with eggplants, mushrooms and bell peppers.
KANI SALAD - Not too creamy but very tasty.
CHICKEN SALAD - Can also be eaten as a main dish, because it comes with big shreds of chicken.

The main dishes:

MARGARITA CHICKEN - Their version of chicken enchilada, it is adequately stuffed with tasty fillings. I topped it with salsa and sour cream for an extra kick.
BEEF RIBS - With lots of meat on the bones. The sauce is sweet and smoky.
MEXICAN RICE - Tasty, great when paired with the main dishes.
LINGUINE PRIMAVERA - A light noodle dish with tasty tomato sauce.
CORNFLAKES CRUSTED FISH FILLET WITH CHILI OIL - Crunchy on the outside but soft inside. Well-seasoned crust & fish, also good when dunked on the sour cream.
SEAFOOD WITH TABBOULEH SALAD - A light salad of well-seasoned & crunchy veggies with variety of seafood (squids, shrimps and fish). Sort of like a kinilaw.
CORN ON THE COB - Simmered in mexican herbs thus producing a different-tasting but extremely yummy corn.

And of course the desserts:

CAPPUCCINO MOUSSE - Moist chocolate base, with a slight hint of coffee taste in the mousse. Nuts, toffee & malteesers complete the mousse for that to-die-for taste.
BAKED MEXICAN FLAN - A cross between a leche flan & bread pudding in texture, but with an apple pie taste, sans the apple 'coz it is with peaches. It comes with whipped cream on the side.
TRES LECHES CAKE - Moist and buttery sponge cake with not too sweet marshmallow icing & cherry on top, yummy and light.

They also have fresh fruits & vegetables for salads and diffrent kinds of breads.
We really had a hearty and satisfying meal, one that I would want to have again, and again, and again, even if I have to pay this time.

Happy Eating!

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