Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nanaimo Bars

A recipe of Nigella Lawson of Nigella Bites, Nigella Feast and so on, cooking shows and author of cook books such as How to be a Domestic Goddess & Nigella Feast.

According to her,
"these are quite rich, but delicious"

and she's not kidding.


The bottom is made up of chocolate graham, nuts, cocoa powder, butter, sugar, egg and coconut. The middle is of vanilla pudding, milk, sugar icing and butter. The top is of bittersweet chocolates and of course, butter.

There's butter in every layer, making it incredibly rich but in a good way.

It is another "success on the first try" recipes that I have done.

My sister likes it. She even said she's willing to pay if ever I'll decide to sell it.

Nigella's recipe calls for unsweetened cocoa powder & semi-sweet chocolates. while I, on the other hand used black cocoa & bitter sweet chocolates. I love my chocolates strong and dark. I also incorporated whole wheat graham with the chocolate graham, used mixture of cashews and walnuts, and decreased the amount of butter and sugar needed.

I have read in a certain baking article, that most of the time, decreasing the amount of sugar or substituting a healthier one, won't have noticeable effects on the baked product. So give it a try and experiment.


I love eating sweets, a lot of it. So, if I can make it even a little bit healthier, I will. As Rachael Ray always says, if it's healthy you can eat more of it.

Happy Eating!

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