Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eli's Cheesecakes

I bought it after Christmas. It was on sale at Robinson's Supermarket.

I first heard about their cheesecakes on an episode of Oprah.

It was also featured on O magazine's January 2007 issue. They called it " a slice of heaven".

"maybe it's the all butter cookie crust, maybe it's the Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans - this cheesecake is perfection on a plate".

Well, let's see what heaven tastes like.

It is composed of 4 variants. French Silk, Caramel Apple, Cherry Linzer and Original Plain

Eli's cheesecake is a Chicago style cheesecake, that is baked and not a refrigerated no bake style cheesecake.

It has a firm outside, and a creamy inside.

All Eli's cheesecakes are baked on top of a pre-baked butter cookie crust that comes in 2 flavors of either vanilla or chocolate, which is baked to a golden brown.

Their cheesecakes use only natural flavorings and no preservatives.

Their bestseller, the Original Plain, is just your basic cheesecake, made up of cream cheese, sugar, eggs, sour cream, pure vanilla and salt.


The cheesecake has an egg pie/leche plan consistency to it. And in spite of it being creamy & rich, it is not too sweet. No sour taste also, which I like, unlike other cheesecakes. And it does melt-in-the-mouth.

They recommended pairing it with strawberries and champagne.

The Caramel Apple is made up of layers of crust, cheesecake, apples, crust again, followed by drizzles of caramel on top.


It resembled apple pie without the thick dough crust.

It is also light and not too sweet, despite the richness of the cheesecake.


The Cherry Linzer has a tangy-tasting toppings. Again, not too sweet but creamy cheesecake.

And last, my favorite among the cheesecakes, the French Silk.


Thin chocolate cookie butter crust, mousse-like chocolate cheesecake, whipped cream, topped by drizzles of frosted chocolate.

It just has enough chocolate flavor. And also good paired with hot chocolate.

All their cheesecakes are best serve chilled.

Happy Eating!


Mchicago said...

Thank you for your wonderful post about our cheesecake.

We are so happy to have such a great fan in the Philippines

Marc Schulman
The Eli's Cheesecake Company

Sweet Dreams said...

You're welcome.

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