Saturday, February 23, 2008

La Nuova Pasteleria

One day I was thinking of what dessert to try next. I've been eating s'mores & bud-bud kabog alternately these couple of days, I needed a break.

I thought of La Nuova in Forbes Park.

I ordered Canonigo and Strawberry Shortcake, both of which were sold-out. Not wanting for my efforts to go to waste I ordered the next best thing. The server and a newspaper article displayed on the wall, said that the Concorde is a must-try. So, I ordered a slice of it and of Brazo de Mercedes (which resembles Canonigo).

A chocolate mousse & soft vanilla flavored sponge cake, that crowned with rolls of crunchy yet delicate chocolate meringue.

The Concorde was good, the mousse was good with just the right sweetness. And the meringue added crunch to the cake and broke its creaminess.


The Brazo de Mercedes was just so-so. Though big in size and looked good, it's just okay tasting. Not something that I'll order again.


I hope to try their Canonigo, which a blogger said he would come back again and again for, and their Strawberry Shortcake, which another blogger said, was the best he ever tasted.

I should call in advance next time and inquire first of their (Canonigo & Strawberry Shortcake) availability.

P.S. Almost all of the cakes on display were already reserved, just the two that I ordered were available. They're that famous around that area for their cakes.

Happy Eating!

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