Thursday, February 14, 2008

Classic Confections

At last they opened a branch at Greenblet 5, their kapitolyo outlet is quite far from where I live.

Their bestseller and a must-try, also my favorite, the Almond Crunch.
Toffee candy made with whole roasted almonds and semi-sweet chocolate.

100 grams at only P100

225 grams at only P250 comes in a tin container

Formerly known as Almond Roca. It's my fave dessert of the moment, I hoarded a lot. Understandable, because I can finish the entire 225 grams in one sitting and with control.
It has three of what I love in a dessert, nuts, chocolate and caramel (toffee).
It resembles samani of Bulacan, panutsa of Batangas, peanut brittle of Baguio and pili nuts of Bicol, made even better with the addition of chocolate.
It is very tasty, and not too sweet.
Though having just a block per meal is recommended (to not overeat or gain unwanted pounds), I can't help it, it's really good, at least for me.

Another must-try is the Banana Cream Pie, P120/mini, creamy vanilla custard on a cashew nut crust topped with caramelized bananas and fresh whipped cream.

The cashew crust is good, the banana filling is not soggy nor overripe.
It is a not too sweet dessert and the cream on top is just enough for its size.

And last but not the least, one of manila's top ten desserts according to Food Magazine, Nono's Chocolate Oblivion P145/mini. Two light layers of chocolate cake filled with whipped chocolate cream and walnut praline bits.

Another dessert for true blue chocoholics.
Though, it's chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, it's not nauseatingly rich.
The different levels of chocolate taste in this cake, make this an enjoyable dessert.

Happy Eating!

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