Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Banapple Fudgymudgymud Pie

Chocolate cookie crust topped with chocolate ganache and whipped topping, finished with chocolate chips and chocolate syrup.

This was different from quite a number of mud pies that I have tried. The chocolate layer was not dense and chewy like most of what I had, the chocolate used was not that good also.

Mud pies usually have that frozen chocolate bar or chocolate truffle kind of texture, plus it should also have nuts in it.

Banapple's Fudgymudgymud Pie P80/slice, tasted and felt like a chocolate batter. So if you like or love licking the batter off the bowl when you're baking, you'll like this pie too.

Happy Eating!

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♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

tried this pero di ko naubos yung 1 slice... i had to share it with my sis. although it's good, found it too rich and nakakaumay if you eat a lot. yah, reminds me of the batter using when baking nga! hehe yung choco graham crust yung part na gusto ko and as usual, i scraped the whipped cream off.

mas gusto ko the banoffee pie and honeylovin' crunch cake.

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