Tuesday, September 23, 2008

S & R Baked Chicken Roll

On my way out of S&R, I chanced upon this store, open only to S&R members.

They sell pizzas, calzones, roast chicken, baked rolls, salads, soft-serve ice cream and pretzels. For that night I chose the Chicken Baked Roll P109.

Baked chicken and cheese inside a log-shaped dough.

It was cheesy, a little bit salty and with a chewy crust.

It should be eaten warm, because the dough has the tendency to be a little resistant when allowed to cool.

The baked roll was served with a mayo-like dip, or maybe it really was mayo. I would have preferred it more with marinara or even alfredo sauce. Still, I would definitely order this again.

Happy Eating!

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