Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fruito King

My family love eating here. They said that it’s the best place to have dimsum.
I never come with them, I just always ask them to bring me some shark’s fin for pasalubong.

Last Sunday, with nothing to do at home, I came with my family to Divisoria Mall for some dimsum at Fruito King.

We ordered assorted dumplings (shark’s fin, siomai, a sausage-looking one and a sushi-looking one with kani), chicken feet, ma-chang, man tau and egg custard tart.

All the dumplings were good. Their shark’s fin was better than Pao Tsin and their siomai than Hen Lin. They are also pricier than Hen Lin and Pao Tsin, but according to my mother they only use quality ingredients and don’t scrimp on them.

Of all the dumplings, my fave is the sushi-looking one with kani. Even its white sauce is good.

Their Ma Chang or sticky rice with pork wrapped in lotus leaves, is tightly-packed, not too oily and the best complement to their dumplings.

Their Man Tau has a crusty and sweet exterior, comparable to a bicho, but soft and dense inside.

While their Egg Custard Tart has a sweet, crusty and flaky crust with a denser egg custard which I don’t fancy.

Overall, I wouldn’t mind going there every Sunday for an afternoon dimsum.

Btw, they also sell big, as in JUMBO siopao for P50.

Happy Eating!

3rd Floor, Divisoria Mall Food Court

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