Saturday, September 5, 2009

Taco Bell Fiesta Meal C

Fiesta rice, seasoned ground beef, fiesta salsa salad, potato bites with cheese sauce and a 12 oz drink of any kind.

Part of their Fiesta Platters Belly Busog Meals.

Since I love meats more than rice or bread, the 2 scoops of ground beef was not enough for me, that I bought Wendy's Chili con Carne to pair with my leftover fiesta rice.

Going back to the ground beef, it was really well-seasoned. While the potato bites were like KFC's Crispy Fries in taste just 3 times the saltiness/MSG. But unlike it, it was soft and not crispy.

Overall, the meal was good. I like the combination of the rice with the ground beef and the salsa. A better option would be, that instead of the potato bites, churros should be used. In that way you'll definitely have a complete meal.

The potatoes were not a sound complement to the rice meal. It was like eating a rice meal with french fries. It was just too much for me.


Happy Eating!

Gateway Mall

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