Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dunkin Donuts


Before our Savory dinner, my niece told me of a new donut item at Dunkin Donuts, that she ate a couple of days ago. She said that it was too messy to eat but was good. The way she described the Milky Bliss made me want to try it. And I did. I tried it with the Chunky Choconut and the Dark Crunch. And if you buy 3 you'll get an order of Dunkin Yan for free.

- dark crunch

- choconut - was like a donut sandwich with a mocha cream filling
- milky bliss - topped with grated white chocolate

- donut yan

They were all too sweet for me though, and the donut base were dry and chewy. But out of the 4, the Dark Crunch was the good one and also the Donut Yan.

I like the generous chocolate coating on every half of the donut yan sticks and the dark chocolate glaze and chocolate crunch bits on the top of the dark chocolate crunch.

Happy Eating!

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