Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pancake House

I accompanied my mother with her errands one rainy afternoon, and after doing her thing, it was now time for dinner.

I haven't eaten at Pancake House, since forever. Kidding aside, it has been a while.
There were a lot of new dishes in the menu (new for me), and though it was hard to decide, we both settled for something healthy but still look good (in pictures).


I ordered the Salmon Cakes on Brown Rice Tabbouleh, while my mother had the Spicy Chicken Fillet on Brown Rice Pilaf, both below P200.

salmon cakes on brown rice tabbouleh
- with alfalfa sprouts, dill mayo and chopped parsley

The Salmon Cakes tasted more like butter than salmon, although I did see some salmon flakes inside. I do like the dill mayo dip though.

The brown rice tabbouleh was too dry for my taste, but my mother liked it, that I ate her pilaf while she ate my tabbouleh.

While the Spicy Chicken Fillet was really, really really spicy, but dry at the same time.
- with garlic cream mayo, parsley and lemon wedge

I like the pilaf though, I like it more than my brown rice tabbouleh. Probably because it tasted like a paella. But it does cloy you easily, that you'll need part of the tabbouleh to balance it out.

I wasn't impressed with our meals though, and probably won't order them again. The salmon cakes (2 small pieces) and spicy chicken fillet weren't enough for the amount of brown rice in the dish.

Happy Eating!


Agda said...

Olá! Boa tarde! Quantas delícias em seu blog e tão belas fotos. Lamentei tanto não ter encontrado o tradutor, para me inteirar dos assuntos. Passarei a te seguir. Um abraço! Agda (Brasil)

Sweet Dreams said...

obrigada agda :-)

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