Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tutti Frutti Green Tea

I saw 2 new yogurt flavors that piqued my curiosity and made me eat yogurt first and postponed dinner for later.

I tried Red Velvet, which tasted like their Death by Chocolate, in short like a frozen Magnolia Chocolait.

Next is the Green Tea which was like their original tart, which I like.

I bought the Green Tea and topped it with Fudge Brownie and Butterscotch Bites. Yum!


Happy Eating!


SaysMindy said...

Green Tea and Brownie, sounds questionable but I'll trust your judgement :)

Sweet Dreams said...

@saysMindy - what can I say, I have a weird taste in food :-)
kidding aside, the tea taste wasn't that strong, so it wasn't that odd paired with brownies

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