Friday, October 14, 2011

Gonuts Donuts Red Velvet Crumble

Saw a lot of new (for me) and cute donut varieties at Gonuts. Like the Disney Collection with Winnie, Piglet and Mickey. Saw Ube Crumble, Red Velvet Crumble and Blueberry Cake donuts too.


But since I just had my yogurt fix and will be having dinner in just a short while, I just bought one. The Red Velvet Crumble.

original donut with red velvet crumble on top.

Honestly, I'm not that blown over by it, that I just took one bite and that's it. I still like their Pastillas de Leche  more. So did the cashier.

It reminded me of Red Ribbon's Ube Cake and tasted like it too.

Happy Eating!


[pinkc00kies] said...

i find their donuts too sweet so we rarely buy there

Sweet Dreams said...

@pinkc00kies - I feel the same

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