Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cupcakes by Sonjas


Before going to The Cake Club for dinner, I stopped by Sonjas to buy myself a box of 6 of their cupcakes.


I bought 2 Vanilla Sunshine, 1 Lemon Drop, 1 PB & J, 1 Red Velvet Vixen ( every piece bought, 10 pesos is donated to the Phil Red Cross) and 1 Pistachio Berries n' Cream.


The Vanilla and  PB & J were old favorites, the rest were my first time to try.

The Lemon Drop's icing has the texture of a flower icing. The Pistachio Berries n' Cream has a whipped cream topping and the cupcake base is wet from a sweet syrup that seeps out on my every bite. While the Red Velvet has a not too sweet cream cheese icing and a very moist cupcake base.

Happy Eating!


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