Saturday, June 23, 2012

Italiannis Classico and Smoked Salmon Pizza

I so wanted to try the Fettuccine Tartufo of Italiannis, but since my friend was on a diet (forever) and doesn't want to order anything for himself, I just ordered a pizza that can be shared by two and not the fettuccine that's only good for one. I thought that by doing so, my friend would be obliged to eat, as I can't finish the pizza alone.
I chose to have two flavors on the pizza - Classico and Smoked Salmon.

classico - Italian sausage, mushrooms and peppers with mozzarella and romano cheese
smoked salmon - gorgonzola dill cream sauce topped with smoked salmon and white onions

I have tried the Classico before and like it, but the Classico that evening was very bland, that no amount of salt or pepper can do a miracle. While the gorgonzola was the only thing I like on the Smoked Salmon.

My friend also had the Watermelon Shake, which he said was very sweet.


Happy Eating!

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