Saturday, March 15, 2008

Amici, Uno & Cibo

I was out last Tuesday craving for something with Gorgonzola.

I thought of Amici's Gorgonzola pizza. I also heard that they have a new branch in the Morato area. In the building formerly occupied by CPK and across UNO.

Wanting to hit as many birds as I can with one stone, so to speak, I decided to drop by Amici Tomas Morato.

At the counter, I can't contain my excitement over the pizza. Unfortunately, I was told that it was already phased-out. I thought it was only at that branch, but after calling the Don Bosco branch, it was also out of their menu.

Disappointed, I scanned their menu for something to catch my eyes. Nothing did at that time, So I decided to have dinner somewhere else and just have my dessert there.

I ordered Sans rival Gelato P50/scoop, their new gelato flavor.

It has a good buttery taste, but somehow too rich for me. I still think that Nocciola is still their best gelato.

Since Uno was just across it, I came by and bought a Custard Pudding P40 to go.

Custard Pudding is a dessert made of bread, egg, milk & occasionally with nuts.

I didn't like Uno's version of the pudding. There was no added flavor to it. It was too plain and bland. The crusty side of the pudding was not good, only the middle part's tolerable, where the custard was concentrated.

For dinner I decided on Cibo in Trinoma. They have a panini with Gorgonzola there, that's why.

I ordered Zola Panini P173, a vegetarian panini of whole wheat Tuscan bread, Gorgonzola, goat cheese, Parmesan, fontina & spinach.

It is their best seller vegetarian panini. It's delicious, it taste like ravioli because of the assorted cheeses and the spinach in it.

An order comes with home made potato chips & their own mayonnaise. I like the taste of their mayo, it's creamy & well-seasoned, like a Japanese mayonnaise.

Also, while waiting for your order, they'll give you a complimentary serving of potato chips with mayo.

I wanted to order their Mango Panna Cotta for dessert, but since I already had a lot beforehand, maybe some other time =(

Happy Eating!

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