Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ruby Tuesday at last!

Ruby Tuesday at last. It's my third time here but my first time to eat.

The first time, they're still closed and won't be opening until later that night and with limited products, 'coz they're on their soft opening. The second time, they're closed for their US Franchisor's inspection. And this time, the third time, was their opening day.

Ruby Tuesday is an American casual dining restaurant chain named after the Rolling Stone's song of the same name - Wikipedia

For my orders, I had their Fresh Salad Bar, Buffalo Chicken Burger & Loaded Baked Potato.

They have a variety of salads at their Fresh Salad Bar. From potato salad to fresh garden salad with different toppings and dressings.

Since you can only fill up your plate once, a bigger plate would be great instead of the medium-sized plate they gave me.

I stuffed my plate with potato, macaroni & pasta salad, as well as, some lettuce leaves, chickpeas, peanuts, baby corn, croutons, tomatoes, pickled onions and bleu cheese dressing. It was all good, especially the potato salad and peanuts. The croutons though, were salty.

The Buffalo Chicken Burger P365, was from their hand-crafted burger selection.

Tender chicken breast, golden fried, tossed in spicy buffalo sauce & topped with melted Swiss cheese and garnished with garlic mayo. It comes on a toasted golden bun with side of piping-hot fries and bleu cheese dressing.

I ordered the burger mild, since I don't want my first dining experience there, ruined by a burnt tongue.

Their mild version was already spicier than KFC's Zinger. The chicken was lightly breaded & golden brown in color. While, the bun was buttery, crusty & soft, all at the same time.

The burger was BIG, good for sharing, as the server said.

Even though, all were cooked accordingly, I find their burger slightly bland even with the bleu cheese. Maybe, they should have used a different type of cheese for a stronger flavor or added more sauce.

I still prefer the Texas Cajun Chicken Sandwich of Bubba Gump. It's juicier and saucier. Ruby's Buffalo Chicken was a little bit dry.

Instead of fries, I opted for their Loaded Baked Potato for an additional P30.

It's a baked potato with cheese, bacon, sour cream & butter.

It's very good. All the toppings complemented one another. I would love to have more sour cream, though.

And since I finished the entire meal, which was good for 2-3 people all by my lonesome. I didn't have the appetite for dessert (really? that's a first) at that moment, that is.

Happy Eating!

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