Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wham Burger & all

Still unsatisfied with my Gorgonzola Burger craving. I ordered Wham Burger with Bleu Cheese (they don't have Gorgonzola =( ), as my movie theater food.

1/3 lb of grilled pure beef burger patty, with tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, cheddar cheese and an additional bleu cheese (it's as close to Gorgonzola cheese as I can get).

The first time I tried their burger, I wasn't that into it. I wasn't blown away by its taste. This time, I was able to appreciate it more.

The burger was big & juicy, with a smoky grilled flavor to it. The bleu cheese though, was unnoticeable. Maybe they put too little for that size of a burger.

For value for money, the Wham Burger beats Brothers because of its size & price. In the area of taste, Brothers is slightly higher than Wham.

A few days later, still craving for a Gorgonzola Burger & still haven't gone to Bizu for it. I thought of the Gorgonzola sauce of Piadina.

Why not just buy a burger from Wham and paired it with the Gorgonzola sauce of Piadina? Great idea.

For it all I spent less than P150, compared to what I could have spent if I bought it from Bizu. I had a savings of more or less P200, not bad right?

It's better than the Wham Burger with Bleu Cheese that I had a few days earlier, plus there's a lot of extra sauce left for dipping.

At last, I'm free from my Gorgonzola burger craving!!!

Happy Eating!

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