Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jack's Loft

Since my friend Anjean, doesn't like Malaysian food, we both agreed to dine at Jack's Loft instead.

Started by young entrepreneurs John Tiang Seng & Eric Cua of Pho Hoa Vietnamese Noodle restaurant. They said that the idea originated from the house loft of Tian Seng's cousin-in-law, Jack Johnston in Canada, where they would often hang out & have good food. --- from a newspaper article

They have a lot of food choices, from rice dishes to desserts.

For that day we ordered Chicken Stir-Fry, Blue Monkey, Fried Ice Cream & Chocolate Decadence.

The Chicken Stir-Fry P135 was reminiscent of a baked rice with chicken, vegetables & nuts.

It is buttery, creamy and very filling.

Blue Monkey Smoothie P128 is a combination of blueberry & banana.

It is not too sweet & has a strong blueberry flavor, it even overpowered the banana, thus making its taste unnoticeable.

Chocolate Decadence P125 is a chocolate cake with caramel and ganache.

The chocolate cake was not moist, but when paired with the caramel (which has a strong taste, almost toffee-like, which I love) & the ganache, can be good.

Their version of Fried Ice Cream P115 is just okay. Even my friend who had it at a Chinese resto in Spain said so.

The batter that coated the ice cream tasted like buchi, while the vanilla ice cream inside is not "Magnolia's vanilla ice cream" like in taste & texture. Which means, it is not creamy but very sweet.

The fried ice cream is topped with whipped cream & cherry and sits on top of shaved white & milk chocolate.

When you take it as a whole, it can be good & fun to eat. Warm pastry matched with frozen ice cream. You'll never stop wondering how they do it.

Happy Eating!

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