Monday, March 17, 2008

Amici's Dolci

After having my Master Burger at Sango, just a few minutes walk is Amici Don Bosco. It was there that I had my desserts.

I ordered Vanilla with Nuts Gelato P45/scoop.

It's just vanilla gelato but with assorted nuts (pecans & almonds) incorporated in it.

There's no granular texture in it that's present in their Nocciola (Hazelnut) Gelato, which I happened to like. It's also not creamy like the vanilla ice cream of Magnolia.

It's not something that I would order again, though I love nuts & it is considered to be one of their best sellers.

For take-out I ordered their Profiteroles P60/2pcs. I chose 1 of each flavors (bianco & nero).

Bianco & Nero mean White & Black in Italian. Profiterole or cream puff (US) is a baked choux pastry, filled with a sweet filling like whipped & pastry cream.

Amici's bianco (cream infused with vanilla flavor) is in between light & rich. Not something that you can eat a lot of. The nero (chocolate coated)is good. The puff pastry, the filling and the coating are all good.

But what I realized after eating both, was that, it is best for profiteroles to be smaller, in that way you'll be able to enjoy its taste & not get nauseated for eating too much.

Happy Eating!

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