Thursday, March 20, 2008

Uno Tart & Cakes

Though I didn't like their custard pudding, I'm still willing to give them another chance & sample their other cakes.

So, after a long & leisurely snack of Anmitsu at Kozui, I went by Uno and bought cakes to go.

I bought Lemon Tart P45, Cheesecake P59 & Chocolate Fallen Cake P55.

The Lemon Tart looks like an egg pie but with Saltine's lemon bar-in-taste filling. Unlike egg pie, its crust is darker & crunchier. While the filling, which tastes like Saltine's lemon bar, is creamy & tangy at the same time.

The Cheesecake is reminiscent of the Chicago Cheesecake of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Creamy & it melts in the mouth like the butter cake of Miss Desserts & Vargas. Although it has the same texture as CBTL's Chicago Cheesecake, Uno's version is tastier & cheaper.

The Chocolate Fallen Cake is sort of a deflated souffle cake. It is considered as one of their best sellers, together with the cheesecake. It is fudgy & has a smooth texture to the palate.

Overall, I enjoyed eating all that I've bought from Uno. I would definitely come back to hoard on these cakes next week & maybe try their brownies, carrot cake & creme brulee.

Happy Eating!

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