Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Banana Leaf Asian Cafe

I was out with my friend Anjean last Thursday at Robinsons Place. We (I, especially) were very hungry and we're thinking of a good resto to eat, when we passed by Banana Leaf at the Midtown Wing of Robinsons.

I have tried their Roti Dog a couple of months back, but not their best seller, Roti Canai & Curry Sauce.

Since I vowed to try all the restos of Midtown, I thought that that time was the best time to do so. But alas! my friend Anjean doesn't like Malaysian food =(

What to do in a situation like this? Just order it to go & dine wherever he wants to.

Roti Canai (pronounced "chanai" not "kanai") is a type of flat bread found in Malaysia.
Roti means bread in Hindu & Malay. While the term Canai is derived from "channa", a mixture of boiled chickpeas in a spicy gravy from Northern India, which it was traditionally served with.

Banana Leaf's Roti Canai P78, was airy, soft, buttery & a little bit sweet. It's a cross between a pancake & a crepe, both in texture & taste. It also has a satiating smell emanating from it.

The Curry Sauce P30, on the other hand, has a strong Herby taste, though not spicy. It partners well with the roti canai.

An order of it is good for 2 or more roti canai, depending on how you dip it. As for me, I used my left-over sauce a s a dip for my tortilla bread & the rest I mixed with chicken chunks for an instant chicken curry.

It was said, that roti canai can also be taken with condensed milk, that I'm excited to try.

Happy Eating!

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