Monday, March 3, 2008

BO's Coffee

It's hard to make a choice when there's a lot to choose from.
I was torn among Crepes & Cream, Blackout Cake of CBTL, BTS of UCC and the cakes & bars at Bo's Coffee.
I went back and forth in all of them a couple of times, before settling at Bo's.

They seemed to have a lot of good choices, from cakes to brownies. Since, it was my first time there, I asked for recommendations. The server said that the Hazelnut Brownie was good (I've been eyeing it too the moment I stepped in). Hazelnut Brownie it is.


Chocolate brownie with chopped hazelnut and chocolate hazelnut cream on top, finished off by shreds of semi-sweet chocolate.

It's double the size of the brownies of Brownies Unlimited. The brownie base was moist and chewy, while the chocolate shreds and nuts broke the richness of the hazelnut cream. A good brownie worthy of its' price.

Happy Eating!

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