Monday, March 3, 2008

Secret Recipe II

I was out with a friend at Rob Place last Friday. After watching a movie, we're both up for desserts and catching up.

I told him that Secret Recipe has a lot to offer.

We ordered Chocolate Fudge (mine) and Chocolate Banana & Macchiatto for him.


4 layers of chocolate chiffon cake with chocolate fudge in between & shredded chocolate on top.

Sorry to say, but the chiffon cake was very dry, bordering expiration. The cream though, was good, but not enough to take my mind off the dry cake.

The Chocolate Banana, which was an award winning cake, proven by the certificate shown by the manager of the store, was just okay.


Banana Slices on bed of chocolate cream with chocolate chiffon and coated with melted home-made chocolate.

It was better than the Chocolate Fudge because of the chocolate ganache coating, but the chiffon cake was still dry and the bananas were overripe.

We were really disappointed with the quality of their cakes. Only once out of the four times I visited their shop, was the cake good.

I think for now, I'll just stick to their White Chocolate Macadamia and restrain myself from trying out their other cakes.

Happy Eating!

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