Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sango's Master Burger

It is one of the most blogged about burger joint/resto.

They're known for their Master Burger P173, a beef burger patty with onions, pickle relish, tomatoes and meat sauce on a bun.

You can opt to make it spicy by adding P12.

Since I love spicy food, I was ready to order it special spicy, but the cashier told me to try it spicy next time and have it plain for now. Just to have a taste of it in its purest form. So, plain it is. And since they don't have combo meals with their burgers, I added a small order of French Fries at P50.

Meat eaters and lovers would enjoy this burger. Because aside from the beef patty, it also has meat sauce on top. Yummy but messy to eat.

The fries are big & thick. As big as KFC's fries but thicker. And since there's a lot of meat sauce drippings on my wrapper. I scooped it with my big, fat fries. It's like you're eating chili fries.

To cap it off, an order of soda for easy digestion.

Happy Eating!

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