Saturday, June 14, 2008

Banana Bread err... Toast

I got the recipe of Banana-Nutella Bread from Jen Tan of in-jen-iosity, but since I don't have nutella spread, I improvised and added walnuts, pecans, raisins, chocolate chips and white chocolate to my banana bread.

The result, a yummy and not too sweet bread, but still not as moist as I want it to be. So, not yet contented, I made it into french toasts the next morning.

Again, I saw it in an episode of Giada's Weekend Getaways in Seattle. She had Caramel Pecan French Toasts in Cafe Nola, who's famous for it.

Instead of the usual brioche, Cafe Nola uses challah, a Jewish bread, on which they added some carrots, thus resembling a carrot bread. They served the toasts with caramel pecan sauce and maple syrup. According to Giada, it's the best french toasts she's ever had, and she's had a lot.

And since it seemed my banana bread's lacking something, an idea of duplicating that came into mind. So, with the banana bread and the rest of the french toast ingredients, I was off to experiment. The result, yummy, yummy, yummy french toast.

I can also say that it's the best french toast I have ever had, but contrary to Giada's remarks, I only had a few =)

Happy Eating!

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rona said...

Hi. Just wanna know the recipe for this. I recall i had a magazine featuring the banan nutella bread of jen tanbut unfortunately, i cannot find the magazine now. Thanks.

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