Friday, June 20, 2008

Malcolm's Place

The Makati area has been a constant favorite of mine. Aside from the trendy stores and mini parks, there's also a lot of good restaurants and cafes in the vicinity. From those in the mall and more so outside, and one of them is Malcolm's Place.

These past few weeks have been a hunt for the best Angus and Wagyu burger. From Chelsea, Myron's, Zuni and now joining in the Wagyu wagon is Malcolm's Place.

I have long wanted to try their Wagyu Burger, it was only heightened by a recent must-try article of Lucy Gomez on the Philippine Star. She wrote Malcolm's Wagyu Burger and Wagyu Wasabi Steak Sandwich as must-try.

Since I was just gonna try one, I asked for the server's recommendation. She recommended the Wagyu Burger P300.

Malcolm's Wagyu Burger is thick grilled wagyu burger patty on top of a bun with vegetables. It is served with thick-cut fries.

The wagyu patty was thick and juicy but not well-seasoned. The bread didn't help either in adding flavor. It's even a little bit dry. And the potatoes were more like sweet potatoes in taste.

But overall, the wagyu burger was good, though still not as good as Myron's. I also noticed when I read their menu online of a special dressing in their burger that wasn't present in mine. I don't know if it has anything to do with the not so good taste of my burger.

After my orders were placed, they served me a plate of Wanton Chips with Herb Mayonnaise. It's a good appetizer, the chips were not at all oily and salty but were creamy and a little bit sweet. The herb mayonnaise was sooo good I even used it as a dip for my fries.

And since I always have dessert after every meal, I ordered another recommendation and also a best seller, the Apple Crumble ala Mode P135.

It is an apple pie with crumbled dough instead of a dough cover on top. It was not too sweet, even with the ice cream on top, but nevertheless a filling dessert. The chocolate sauce was reminiscent of a brown cow chocolate syrup in taste. The apple mixture was soft and tender with a strong cinnamon taste.

Overall, I liked the food at Malcolm's Place. Their service was fast and their staff were friendly and attentive. I wouldn't mind coming back but not that soon.

Happy Eating!

Malcolm's Place

108 H.V. dela Costa St.,
Salcedo Village, Makati
Tel No. 840-5881

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