Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hazelnut Gelato

While walking inside Shangri-La mall, with still 10% free space in my tummy, I was on the look-out for something sweet but not heavy to eat, something that I can eat while walking.

Staring me at the face was the gelato station of Green Tomato (btw, their gelatos are supplied by Angelati Italia). Gelato is also known as Italian ice cream.

According to the waiter and also based on the amount of the gelato left in the container, that Hazelnut Gelato is their best seller.

It is different from Amici's and Ciao Bella's Hazelnut Gelato, in the sense that it has crushed nuts and chocolate bits in it. It is not too sweet nor rich and heavy, but just right and good, make that very good.

For just P65 a scoop, you'll get to taste the best hazelnut gelato (in my own opinion) in the Philippines so far.

Happy Eating!

Green Tomato
The Ledge, Shangri-la Mall

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