Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Flaming Alaska

I have tried their (Five Cows) Rocky Almond Bar and liked it. Just recently I got to try their other best seller, the Flaming Alaska P210.

Since almost all of their cakes are best shared, I waited for a willing & available friend to come and try it out with me.

The Flaming Alaska was first set-up near our table, with the waiter pouring rum on it, closing the lights, flaming it up and every one (staff) saying something inaudible in unison. It was only when the flame died down did he transfer it on our table.

Flaming Alaska is a french treat with a twist. Spiked sponge cake dome filled with assorted ice cream, chocolate cookies, nuts and smothered with meringue and served with flaming rum.

The torched meringue was crunchy at first and fluffy next. It will be hard to cut thru it, so it is best to ask the waiter to do it for you (they offered it beforehand, I was just too stubborn to accept at first).

In spite of the great production, it was just an okay dessert. The chocolate cookies lining the ice cream were very thin, almost non-existent. I also found it weird eating a rock-hard sponge cake.

Even if I finished my part of the cake and some of my friend's, I won't order it again, but I would still try their other cakes (Tarta de Manila and Peter Piper).

Happy Eating!

Five Cows
Trinoma, Edsa

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