Friday, June 6, 2008

Durayaki Cake

Disappointed that I wasn't able to buy Petra and Pilar's San Moreno Cake, I decided to just go at the Co-Op store (Co-Op sells all Japanese stuff, from food to different items) in Mile Long to buy myself Kasutera ( or castellas, a sponge cake with fillings), only to be disappointed again since it was sold out.

Not wanting to leave the store empty handed, I scoured the store until I found something I liked. I went to the cashier with a bag of Dorayaki/Durayaki P75 on hand.

Durayaki Cake is a pancake with anko (sweet azuki beans) fillings. It is not your usual pancake that is moist and buttery soft, this is more of firm and dense.

The pancake looked fat because of the amount of fillings inside.

If you like pancakes and azuki beans (red monggo), you'll enjoy this cake as much as I did. Just a word of caution though, this is a very rich and dense cake, so a little can go a long way.

Happy Eating!

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