Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cafe Provencal

It was the opening day of the highly-anticipated movie of the year (for us girls), Sex and the City The Movie.

Since I still have more than 4 hours to spare before the movie starts (they have a special screening at 7pm, so the next schedule was at 10pm). I decided to kill time by having dessert.

While looking in the mall for a good place to eat, my eyes were caught by a display case of desserts at the entrance of Cafe Provencal. From the Warm Toblerone Pudding to the Chocolate Dome Cake.

I asked the waitress what she'll recommend for dessert. She said that their Beignets P130 are their best seller. With that said and with the memory of Giada's Weekend Getaway Episode in Seattle's Dahlia Lounge, I was sold.

Giada's Weekend Getaway is my fave show of recent. It is a Food Network show where Giada de Laurentiis (of Everyday Italian) shares with the viewers the play by play of her weekend getaway on a certain US state/city. On one episode she ate at Dahlia Lounge in Seattle. Famous for their Crab Cakes and Bang in a Bag. Bang in a Bag is a bag of donuts with vanilla and cranberry dips. She said that it was very good. You can also see from her expression that she really liked the donuts.

Back to Cafe Provencal's Beignets, it was my second time to have beignets, the first time was at Gumbo, but this was my first time to have it with dips.

Beignets are french donut, made from deep-fried dough and sprinkled with confectioner's sugar.

Cafe Provencal's Beignets are 8 pieces of beignets served with custard and chocolate dips.

The beignets were fluffy and light. The chocolate dip resembled a chocolate mousse while the custard was reminiscent of a bavarian cream but thicker and sweeter.

Personally, I liked the custard of the 2 dips. It seemed like I was eating a choux pastry but inside out.

And again since I'm a dessert maniac, I can't wait to try their other desserts and maybe some of their paninis.

Happy Eating!

Cafe Provencal
Shangri-la mall

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