Wednesday, July 30, 2008


A new item from Starbuck’s menu together with the Strawberry Lamington is the Chocolate Lamington P45.

According to the barista, it is coated in bittersweet chocolate. Either he’s lying or the chocolate used was very subtle ‘coz I didn’t taste any of the strong bittersweet chocolate.

Lamington or Lemmington , the word means layers of beaten gold. It is an Australian dessert of little cubes or squares of sponge cake, dipped in chocolate, then rolled in coconut.

The cake is named after Charles Wallace Baillie, Lord Lamington, the governor of Queensland from 1895-1901. He was known for wearing a homburg hat that looked like the cakes.

According to my friend, it resembled a corner bakery fave. We both forgot its name but it’s rectangular in shape, violet colored and ube-flavored.

It’s good and light. One that you can have a lot of and still not feel full.
The barista said that the strawberry one is the best of the two. I might try it some other time.


Happy Eating!

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