Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cello's Doughnuts & Dips

At last after months and months of wanting and dreaming of it, I finally got the chance to taste the infamous donuts of Cello's.

Just to validate their popularity the donuts were already sold-out when I arrived, thus I had to wait for 20 minutes for a new batch and were told that some flavors were no longer available.

Since the mini-cocktails , premium donuts, c-shaped and donut pillows were all not available, I contended myself with a Box of 6 for P125, in flavors of choco-oreo, oreo, chocnut, caramel, chocolate and cheese.

When it arrived, the smell of butter and sugar filled the air. It was such a satiating smell. The donuts that arrived were soft and fluffy, a cross between a cake and an airy donut. All were also not too sweet.

From what I ordered, four became my instant favorites. The Cheese flavor got the top spot. The cheese flavor donut was a surprise. It was my first time to see and taste a cheese flavor donut. I was expecting a salty and somewhat overpowering cheese flavor, but what came was something sweet and mild tasting.

The Choco-oreo was second, for it seemed like I got to try 2 of their best seller flavors in one donut. Third was the caramel. It also has a light taste and was mildly sweet and buttery. And last was the Chocnut. Though I'm not that fond of chocnut per se I like its taste in the donut, sweet and salty combined.

Happy Eating!

CELLO'S Doughnuts & Dips
2444-A Burgundy Trans-Pacific,
Taft Avenue, Manila

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