Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vermont Classic Frozen Custard

Even if I have swollen tonsils and was advised to stay away from sweets and anything cold, I can't pass up the chance to try the Frozen Custard in Lulu Belle.

Since I am a certified chocoholic, I  chose the Brownie Batter, but instead of having the Hazelnut Malt Concoction, I chose to pick my own topping of choco mallows.


The Brownie Batter was very sweet. It was a cross between Wendy's Frosty and a brownie batter. Still, it wasn't as sweet as their Cheesecake flavor, which was almost as sweet as a Leche Flan.

Even with that said, I still like them both, but won't be having them again anytime soon, as they are what you can consider an indulgence.

Happy Eating!

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