Friday, August 17, 2012


Had these delivered as I can't get out of the house.
These were all just for me. My lunch and merienda (snack) for that day.

McDonald's Big N' Tasty, French Fries, Chicken Nuggets, Spaghetti and Chicken
- the veggies of the Big n' Tasty weren't that fresh anymore, I still prefer the Double Cheeseburger and Cheeseburger than this
- also it took them almost 2 hours to deliver my order. They came up with excuses like they have a lot of deliveries that day and so and so. I haven't had that experience with Jollibee. With Jollibee you'll get 200 peso worth of gc if they go beyond 30 minutes. Maybe McDonald's should implement the same.
- btw, this was way before the storm, almost 3 weeks ago

Chowking Halo-Halo ( one with macapuno and the other topped with ube ice cream), Buchi and Beef Siomai
- they ran out of crushed ice that I had to cancel my order and re-order after 3 hours

Happy Eating!

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