Saturday, March 21, 2009

KFC Krushers

After walking-off the calories of my Charlie's Cheesesteak and Fries meal, it was now time for a snack/dessert. Out of the overwhelming choices of desserts in Megamall and Podium, I chose KFC's Cookies and Cream Krusher P65.

Only available in their Megamall branch and with flavors such as Strawberry Banana Yoghurt and Karamel Krunch, KFC's Cookies and Cream Krusher is made up of dairy slush, chocolate syrup and Oreo cookies.

It was good, like a cookies and cream milkshake but not that thick nor too sweet. It's in between a slush (a slurry mixture of ice and water) and a milkshake. It has the consistency of a slush but with milkshake flavors. I liked it. I wouldn't mind having it again and maybe even try their Karamel Krunch and Strawberry Banana Yoghurt.


Happy Eating!



luzviminda said...

im so addicted to strawberry and banana. too bad kfc rockwell doesn't have krushers yet.

Sweet Dreams said...

If it's that good, I'll try it soon =p

Prudence said...

I love the strawberry and banana yoghurt krush. And I'm also eager to try the other two varieties: karamel krunch and cookies 'n cream. But I think I'll be liking strawberry and banana the best.

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