Sunday, March 1, 2009


I was supposed to eat Okonomiyaki in Little Tokyo, unfortunately the resto selling it is closed on mondays, so with nowhere to eat I decided to just buy desserts at Yamazaki Grocery.

I bought the Vanilla Waffle Ice Cream P86 and Chocolate Baumkuchen P68.

Snap cone waffle with chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream.

This was just okay, like eating a vanilla ice cream on a sugar cone dipped in chocolate.

The Baumkuchen aka the "King of Cakes", which literally means "Tree Cake"
is a traditional German cake of many layers which reveals/resembles the rings on a crosscut tree when sliced.

It was introduced to Japan by Karl Juchheim in 1917 and is now one of the most popular pastries in the country (Japan).

Personally I think of it as thin strips of chocolate cake rolled like a tape.

It smelled good. The aroma itself was already satiating, the taste though was ordinary, like any Japanese chocolate cake. But of the two, this was the better one. I wouldn't mind buying this again, maybe in vanilla this time.


Happy Eating!

Ramen House and Grocery
2288 fernando Street
Makati City (beside MCS)
Tel No: 893-2163

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