Monday, November 16, 2009

Dezato Mochi Chocolate Ice Cream

It was nice that Dezato's booth in Powerplant Mall sells mochi ice cream by the piece or else I wouldn't have tried it.

The booth attendant recommended the Strawberry (her fave according to her) and Chocolate flavors. Since I am a chocoholic I chose the latter.

She said to wait for a few minutes for the mochi to thaw before eating it. Since I love frozen stuff, I replied that I wouldn't mind eating it right away. I spoke too soon. It was very hard to bite a frozen mochi. Also, you wouldn't appreciate the mochi ice cream when it's too frozen. First because it's hard to bite, second because the mochi is tasteless and when it's frozen it will take you quite a long time to get on the ice cream part. But when it thawed, it was good, not great just good.


Happy Eating!

Baker's Dozen, Powerplant Mall

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