Friday, September 30, 2011

Cafe Mary Grace Chocolate Truffle Cake

The name was misleading. It shouldn't be named Chocolate Truffle but Chocolate Caramel Cake instead.


The supposedly truffle in between the chocolate cake, have a darker caramel taste than chocolate.
Somewhere there I was reminded of Polly's chocolate cake. Must be the condensed milk + chocolate taste that I was getting from it. But compared with Polly's, Mary Grace Chocolate Truffle will make you feel guilty after. I can finish an entire 8x12 Polly's cake in one sitting, but I can only finish a slice of Mary Grace Chocolate Truffle. Maybe because it was way sweeter too.


In spite of all that, it is now my favorite order at Cafe Mary Grace. I buy a slice or two every other day, and whenever they ran out of it, I feel sad. That must mean something, right?

Happy Eating!

1 comment:

[pinkc00kies] said...

looks awesome... chocolate! <33

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