Friday, September 30, 2011

Tokyo Tokyo Karaage

I didn't know that they were just gonna be fried chicken, I thought they were torikatsu with gravy instead of tonkatsu sauce. Silly me.

I returned the order 3times as I were given a not thoroughly cooked chicken. They were uncooked on almost 3/4 of the part that I sent them back thrice. Up until the skin were too fried/almost burnt and the meat still not that done.

It was like they used frozen chicken and just threw it on a hot oil, frying just the skin and with the insides still raw. That was how my chicken looked and tasted like. Out of exasperation and hunger, I just told them to change my order to Fish Oyakodon and Yakisoba (solo)

- breaded fish fillet with a sweet glaze, nori strips and egg on top of white rice.


The oyakodon was sweet (because of the glaze) but well-cooked. While the yakisoba's as good as ever.

Happy Eating!

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