Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brazo de Mercedes Ice Cream

Last Sunday, my mother brought home a container of Selecta's Limited Edition, Brazo de Mercedes Ice Cream. We ate it for dessert that same day.

It is an ice cream, flavored after the infamous Brazo de Mercedes cake, with bits and pieces of pastillas de leche and marshmallows, in a light custard.

It tasted the same as the cake but lighter & fluffier.

The marshmallows will remind you of the texture of the egg white/meringue part of the brazo cake. The presence of pastillas de leche was a welcome addition to the ice cream. You'll look forward for it with your every spoon.

It's a good ice cream flavor, one that should be a permanent addition to Selecta's variety of flavors.

Happy Eating!

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